Looking for some fun and festive Halloween treat ideas? Look no further – Carolina Foods has you covered! These are sure to be a hit and also a great project to do with little ones.

Halloween Cats

You can’t go wrong with a Halloween cat. This simple treat takes just a few minutes to create and is sure to please.Ingredients: Duchess Chocolate Donuts, Candy Corn, Icing

Halloween Bats

Why not add some bats to go along with those Halloween cats? Another simple and entertaining creation.

Ingredients: Duchess Chocolate Donuts, Candy Eyeballs, Icing (to hold on the eyes)


What’s Halloween without a good mummy? We made minis and big ones to liven up our treat tray.

Ingredients: Duchess Iced Honey Bun, Candy Eyeballs, White Icing

Ingredients: Duchess Sugar Donuts, Candy Eyeballs, White Icing

Creepy Crawly Spiders

This sugar and sweet combo is delicious.

Ingredients: Duchess Chocolate Donuts, M&Ms, Pretzels