Founded in 1934 Carolina Foods Inc., is a private, family owned and operated wholesale sweet goods bakery located in Charlotte, North Carolina. The company was originally established as a sandwich business and serviced local textile and furniture manufacturers and lunch counters throughout the Carolinas.


Product Expansion: After World War II, Carolina Foods expanded its product line and began making yeast raised glazed donuts and pies. We were one of the first bakeries in the industry to perfect the honey bun.


The popularity of our pastries and pies grew over the years, and in 1992 we decided to discontinue our sandwich business to focus solely on making high quality sweet goods for our customers to enjoy.


Today, Carolina Foods operates eight high speed, state of the art production lines and has more than 238,000 square feet of facilities dedicated to production and warehousing. We service a wide variety of mass merchandisers, wholesale distributors, food service distributors, and vending distributors either directly or through co-packing. Our products are sold in all fifty states, Puerto Rico, Mexico and Canada.


Carolina Foods Inc., creator of one of America’s first honey buns and the Duchess brand, is a sweet goods bakery located in Charlotte, North Carolina. For decades, our customers have enjoyed our honey buns, donuts, pastries and pies. Our products bring families together for breakfast, snacks, and on holidays and special occasions.

At Carolina Foods, we make all of our products using the finest ingredients, blended in house to ensure that we have superior taste and quality. Once you taste our treats you will come back wanting more. Product quality is our number one priority, and we go to great lengths to ensure that our products are recognized as the “best in class” in their respective categories.

Every day we strive to create a product that is loved by many. Quality, taste, and value bring our customers back for more. Honey buns are one of our many specialties, and while there are many brands on the market today, we challenge you to find one that tastes better than ours. Once you bite into a delicious, melt in your mouth Duchess honey bun, you will never buy another brand.