Happy holidays from Carolina Foods! This month’s employee spotlight is Jeanette Grier. Thank you Jeannette for your 35 years of hard work!

How long have you worked for Carolina Foods? 
35 years

What is your position at the company?  Please list/describe all positions you have held. 
Machine operator, old Dunkin Stix line, Three Inch pies, Pie Dough Sheets and was a relief Machine Operator on Fried Pies along with the 8 Inch Pie Line


What is your favorite Carolina Foods Duchess product?  
Coconut Pies and Honey Buns.  They are great when they are hot!

What is one of your favorite things about your job? 
Running the wrappers – it keeps me busy and on my toes.

Please share a fun fact about yourself. 
I am active on my church.  I like to travel and spend time with my family.